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Tuesday at 22:39: Bibi had five big boys - all sound and healthy. The entire whelping was completed by lovely Bibi on her own, and within just 3½ hours.

18:27 yellow dog 466 gr. Ravensbank Pine (Pine)
19:13 black dog 440 gr. Ravensbank Roper (Roper)
20:13 black dog 482 gr. Ravensbank Frisky (Frisky) (blue)
21:14 black dog 452 gr. Ravensbank Sandy (Sandy) (orange)
21:54 black dog 480 gr. Ravensbank Tabby (Tabby) (red)

The call names are preliminary and will be changed by owners.

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15-04-2018: SEVCH Ravensbank Brandy (Bamse) and Ms. Heidi Kristiansen, has today mastered a 1000 meter / 20 hour track, and been rewarded with a 1st prize. Very warm congratulations to Ms. Kristiansen with yet another fine result together with lovely Bamse.

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15-04-2018: At official cold game test today, Ms. Helga Thorstein and her 2UM2014 Ravensbank Floyd (Lewis) was awarded 4th winner with "Champion Quality". Warm congratulations to Ms. Thorstein with this brilliant result.

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08-04-2018: Ravensbank Economist (Mynte) and Ms. Pia Bielefeldt today was awarded 1st winner with CACT at official cold game test in open class..We have heard from people participating in the test that Ms. Bielefeldt had a very comfortable margin to the second winner.

We cannot say how delighted we are with this lovely Ravensbank offspring, and her handler, who trusted us to provide a puppy 7 years ago. Very warm congratulations!

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29-03-2018: What terrible weather. A snow blizzard with winds from the cold east, and a couple of degrees below zero. This is not what you dream of when introducing your young dog to Official Working Test.

First step is a double step where we walk 40 meters at heel. Then a mark is thrown about 40 meters away which lands in some high cover. The judge said - Heelwork couldn't be better and the mark was incredible straight. Good enough for him to talk about 20 points (max.) for each. BUT.... when Holly was only meters from me she couldn't help having to pee. She sat down, kept the dummy in her mouth, and looked at me with much regrets. The judge deducted 10 points, so we left this step with 20 and 10 points.

Step three was a semiblind. First we walk together 50 meters at heel to a point where I drop a dummy, and we return to the starting point. Then Holly is sent on this dummy as a "blind". As she returns another dummy is dropped where the first one was, and Holly is being sent for that. Holly had 20 points here.

Step four was again a double-step. First Holly must pick a mark thrown in very rough terrain. Then she must be handled on a line into some heavy cover where she must hunt down a couple of dummies. Marking: 18 points. Hunting: 19 points.

So apart from the peeing-break, which gave a loss of 10 points, Holly leaves the test with a loss of only tree "regular" points out of 100. In real terms she ends with 87 points, just four points from the winner places. I can understand that it should cost me that she hadn't peed before the test, but I cannot blame her and see it as a fault on her side. I can blame myself that I didn't make certain that she had done her things before. Apart from passing the test with a huge margin, it was great for me to see her work very confident all day, and particularly I enjoyed to see her stay calm and above all remain the sweet darling I know. I am absolutely crazy with this little creature.

Mr. Rene Kristensen joined me on the day with Ravensbank Conor (Conor) and on the same steps as Holly he had 19, 20, 20, 18 and 13. That last step really cost Mr. Kristensen his winner place since, Conor ends with 90 points just 1 point from both 3, 4, and 5winner who all had 91 points. But this too was Conor's first official Working Test, so it was a brilliant result which we can only congratulate Mr. Kristensen with.

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27-03-2018: At official Working Test on Saturday last, Ms. Pia Bielefeldt became 3WT in open class with Ravensbank Economist (Mynte). Only six dogs passed the test. The next generation is knocking on the door with Ms. Bielefeldt. LaTrifli (Trifli) had her debut in intermediate class and became WT7. Excellent results - Very warm congratulations to Ms. Bielefeldt!

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16-03-2018: Last weekend Ravensbank Mint (Minte) became second winner in open class at unofficail cold game test, handled by Ms. Helle Voigt. Very warm congratulations to Ms. Voigt with lovely Minte.

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16-03-2018: Yesterday we said the final goodbye to Ravensbank Wagtail (Waggie). She was 11 years and 6 months old. Waggie was one of the seven puppies from our very first Ravensbank litter, and she gave us five litters – a total of 42 lovely puppies.

It is impossible to express the significance that Waggie has had for our life with dogs. She was the role model for everything we aim to produce as breeders. She had the most agreeable temper one could imagine: calm, gentle and quiet. A truly fantastic dog. And at the same time she was a soldier in every hunting situation. Completely reliable, steady and a real pleasure. She was a "pleaser" in the very best sense of the word.

The day we lost Waggie's mother, Tidemark Ivy (Ivy), Waggie quietly assumed the role as the leader of our pack of dogs. She never had to assert herself in any serious way; her leadership reflected her general temper. Calm and quiet, and with a body language that said it all.

About a year ago Waggie began coughing after resting and when exerting herself. The diagnoses ranged from lungworm, heartworm, bronchitis and heart problems. Waggie had medical treatment for all of these conditions without effect. Three weeks ago the conclusion was that Waggie suffered from a rare form of catarrhal laryngitis, sadly untreatable. It was also obvious that she had cataracts in both eyes and therefore reduced eyesight, but worst of all that she had developed a number of tumours in the mammary glands in just a matter of weeks.

We have given Waggie all the extra care we could, and we have kept an eye on her. She joined us on all walks, every single day, and jumped fences along with the other dogs (a classic Waggie stunt). She has slept beside her daughter Bibi and her granddaughter Holly in the same basket.

But this Wednesday we had to face the hard fact that we must live up to our responsibility as breeders, and yesterday Waggie was euthanised.

Click on the picture beside the text and see how we would like Waggie to be remembered. Dear Waggie ... thanks for everything.

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14-03-2018: The good news is, that Ravensbank Biscuit (Bibi) definitively is carrying pups. The not so good news is, that there are not so many of them. But we will have to be patient and see what her whelping brings.