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Friday at 17:13: Last weekend Ravensbank Mint (Minte) became second winner in open class at unofficail cold game test, handled by Ms. Helle Voigt. Very warm congratulations to Ms. Voigt with lovely Minte.

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16-03-2018: Yesterday we said the final goodbye to Ravensbank Wagtail (Waggie). She was 11 years and 6 months old. Waggie was one of the seven puppies from our very first Ravensbank litter, and she gave us five litters – a total of 42 lovely puppies.

It is impossible to express the significance that Waggie has had for our life with dogs. She was the role model for everything we aim to produce as breeders. She had the most agreeable temper one could imagine: calm, gentle and quiet. A truly fantastic dog. And at the same time she was a soldier in every hunting situation. Completely reliable, steady and a real pleasure. She was a "pleaser" in the very best sense of the word.

The day we lost Waggie's mother, Tidemark Ivy (Ivy), Waggie quietly assumed the role as the leader of our pack of dogs. She never had to assert herself in any serious way; her leadership reflected her general temper. Calm and quiet, and with a body language that said it all.

About a year ago Waggie began coughing after resting and when exerting herself. The diagnoses ranged from lungworm, heartworm, bronchitis and heart problems. Waggie had medical treatment for all of these conditions without effect. Three weeks ago the conclusion was that Waggie suffered from a rare form of catarrhal laryngitis, sadly untreatable. It was also obvious that she had cataracts in both eyes and therefore reduced eyesight, but worst of all that she had developed a number of tumours in the mammary glands in just a matter of weeks.

We have given Waggie all the extra care we could, and we have kept an eye on her. She joined us on all walks, every single day, and jumped fences along with the other dogs (a classic Waggie stunt). She has slept beside her daughter Bibi and her granddaughter Holly in the same basket.

But this Wednesday we had to face the hard fact that we must live up to our responsibility as breeders, and yesterday Waggie was euthanised.

Click on the picture beside the text and see how we would like Waggie to be remembered. Dear Waggie ... thanks for everything.

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14-03-2018: The good news is, that Ravensbank Biscuit (Bibi) definitively is carrying pups. The not so good news is, that there are not so many of them. But we will have to be patient and see what her whelping brings.

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04-03-2018: Today I took Ravensbank Holly (Holly) to her debut working test in novice class. You'll never know when you bring your young dog to a debut test what the outcome can be. Can the dog take the pressure or will it react with stress?

Let me say it right away. Holly is a super working-test dog. She almost steps down when she enters a given test area. At today's test the has (out of 20 possible points on each step) 20, 19, 17, 18, 19, 20 - by the end of the day she drops 7 points and receives a 2nd winner with 113/120 points in novice class. I am so proud.

We had more dogs from our kennel at the test. First of all we saw Ravensbank Duff (Duff) and Mr. Steen Rydahl. They became 2nd winner in open (winner) class with 109 out of 120 possible point, just one point short of the winner. And Mr. René Kristensen who took Ravensbank Conor (Conor) on his debut in novice class and had 97 points out of 120 possible points which did not leave Rene with a winner place, but still gave a solid "approved". Very warm congratulations to Mr. Kristensen and Mr. Rydahl.

Of course, we thank the regional chapter of the DRK for organizing the day, the steward on the day, the judges and those who took a full day out of their spare time to help make the day possible.

Holly and I were given prizes sponsored by the Dummy Shop and we also received 15 kg. of Sportsmans Pride dog food. It was freezing cold and windy the entire day during the test, and I couldn’t help thinking that the homeless with a dog probably needed the fine dog food for their four-legged friends more than we did. We have donated the bag of food to the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, who will make sure that dogs in need will be given the food.

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03-02-2018: Just a few days after the working season has ended, the test season has begun. Today it was an unofficial cold game test at Marbæk close to Esbjerg at the Jutland West Coast. Ms. Anne Iversen represented the kennel in the best possible way, taking Ravensbank Donna (Bibs) to a 1st Winner in Open Class. What at great start of the season, and we wish Anne very warm congratulations with her lovely Ravensbank offspring. Having seen Bibs several times working over the shooting season, todays result was only a confirmation of her immense talent.

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28-01-2018: For us who are working with our retrievers, the shooting season practically ends with the wildfowling season, which is by end of January. To put a positive final to the season, Mr. René Kristensen (who owns Ravensbank Jock (Jock) and Ravensbank Conor (Conor)) yesterday invited me to a morning hunt on grey goose. He has access to a lovely piece of land on the coast in North Fuenen, where the wildlife really is spectacular. Even with no birds down, we had a most fantastic morning. Watch the video here, and enjoy literally thousands of Barnacle Goose flying over us.

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28-01-2018: Ms. Schmidt and Ravensbank Etta (Etta) has started the working season, passing an Unofficial Working Test in novice class with 71/100 points. Ms. Schrmidt wrote to us: "Etta did really well, and the only mistakes were on the handler's side. I so much look forward to the coming season". What a positive attitude. Ettaiser 2 years and 9 months old. We send our best wishes and congratulate with the excellent start of the working season.

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28-01-2018: Please enjoy this fine picture of Ravensbank Abbey (Abbey) provided to us by her owner, the v.d.Kaaden family in Holland.